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Computers may be given 'human' rights, says professor

Technically Incorrect: An Oxford University professor says artificial intelligence may reach the stage where computers have consciousness and therefore should be treated as living beings.

By 30 May 2016


Humans of Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is becoming a global phenomenon, bringing out Pokemaniacs from all walks of life. Here are fans we tracked down in Sydney, New York and San Francisco.

28 Images By 13 July 2016


MIT turns to Michael Scott to teach computers to understand us

An algorithm developed by MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is teaching computers to predict the actions TV characters will take seconds before taking them.

By 13 July 2016


The advent of virtual humans

Sixty years after the term "artificial intelligence" was coined, AI is starting to take its place alongside people.

By 29 June 2016


3D printing produces human-hairlike bristles

Researchers at MIT's Media Lab have created a means of 3D-printing thousands of soft, furlike hairs.

By 20 June 2016


Light pollution hides the Milky Way from a third of all humans

Artificial light is a wonderful thing for many reasons, but it's obscuring the night sky for large swaths of humanity.

By 14 June 2016


AI startup taps human 'swarm' intelligence to predict winners

After striking it big on the Kentucky Derby, Unanimous AI is unleashing its human-based artificial intelligence, UNU, to the masses to pick sports and politics.

By 31 May 2016


Pen caps have holes because we filthy humans will gnaw on anything

In today's edition of Saturday science. we bring you this: holes in pen caps help prevent choking deaths by creating a small passageway for air to slip through.

By 7 May 2016


Space program's greatest gift to humanity: Stink-free underwear you can wear for a week

Danish company OrganicsBasics claims its upcoming spacesuit-inspired SilverTech underwear are the world's most comfortable and technologically advanced odorless underwear.

By 7 May 2016


This robot is better at soft-tissue surgery than a human

A newly developed robot is capable of performing soft-tissue surgery, and indeed performed better on tests than a human surgeon.

By 5 May 2016