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Leaked HTC Sense 7 screenshots show Android 5.0 influence

Expected to grace select Android smartphones in the next few months, HTC's take on Lollipop looks very Google-y.

By 28 October 2014


HTC Sense 6 interface appears in video leak

As part of the software experience behind the all new HTC One, Sense 6 is an evolved take on the custom interface.

By 18 March 2014


HTC Sense 5

14 March 2013


HTC Sense 5 will come to older handsets, HTC confirms

HTC's new UI will come to older Android handsets like the One X, One X+ and One S, the company has said.

By 1 March 2013


HTC Sense 4.1 reportedly faster with better battery life

A leaked ROM for the HTC One X featuring HTC's Sense UI 4.1 is reportedly delivering a big bump in speed and a significant improvement in battery life.

By 6 August 2012


HTC Sense 4.0 vs Sense 3.5 in pictures

What's changed in HTC's newest Android overlay? We take a closer look so you don't have to.

By 3 April 2012


Dialed In No. 209: Windows Phone 8 details leak, HTC Sense is too weak

We discuss the juicy new details of Windows Phone 8 and debate whether or not HTC should do away with its Sense skin.

By 7 February 2012


Ep. 209: Windows Phone 8 details leak, HTC Sense is too weak

We're excited about the new details surrounding Windows Phone 8, and then discuss whether or not HTC's Sense skin is due for a makeover.

By 7 February 2012


HTC Sense 3.5 interface stars in all-swipin' video

The latest version of HTC's smart phone user interface tweaks widgets and ditches the launcher bar.

By 31 August 2011


HTC Sense update captured on video?

A new video shows off what could be the next update to HTC's Sense user experience on Android.

By 30 August 2011