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Your one-stop shop for Android Wear how-tos

Here's how to do everything with your new Wear watch.

By 12 July 2014


How-To: Parallel park in a tight spot

Parallel parking remains a cause of shame for a lot of drivers. CNET's Brian Cooley has a simple technique and a couple of technologies to assist you and make it easier.

By 18 March 2014


Microsoft publishes new Windows 8.1 how-to guide

The downloadble PDF is touted as an "advanced guide to Windows 8.1 for business," but it offers tips for any Windows 8.1 user.

By 22 January 2014


Google chairman writes decent iPhone switching how-to

Google chairman Eric Schmidt has written a how-to guide to switching from iPhone to Android. Nick Hide, who commissions how-tos for CNET UK, rates his work.

By 25 November 2013


CNET's Melbourne photo walk: architecture how-to

Learn how to take stunning architecture photos with award-winning photographer Rocco Ancora, as he leads the CNET photo walk in Melbourne.

14 Images By 20 September 2013


Instagram girlfriend how-to (pictures)

Photographer Keisuke Jinushi shares his tricks for having a fake girlfriend using some clever Instagram manipulations.

10 Images By 16 August 2013


Finally, a how-to for washing your hair...in space

Astronaut Karen Nyberg demonstrates her techniques for personal hygiene from the neck up aboard the International Space Station.

By 11 July 2013


Windows 8 users now getting 'how-to' e-mails from Microsoft

People who set up a Windows 8 PC or tablet using a Microsoft account will now receive two e-mails with tips and tricks on using the new OS.

By 8 November 2012


CNET's how-to maven joins Always On

Watch out for fresh DIYs, hacks, and how-tos on the first season of Always On.

By 7 June 2012


How to find how-to videos specific to your car

Whether you want to save a few bucks or just learn to be more self-sufficient, it can be rewarding to fix your own car. Written guides leave a lot to the imagination, but videos can bring the process to life. CarCareKiosk offers hundreds of short car repair videos for many makes and models.

By 30 December 2011