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Mobile robot brings home entertainment wherever you go

Paris-based Keecker's new mini-robot has a built-in projector, an audio and video capture system, and the ability to measure things like home temperature, humidity, sound level, and more.

By 6 January 2014


How Now TV defined home entertainment in 2013

Now TV, Sky's diminutive set-top box, pretty much blew the competition out of this water this year.

By 12 December 2013


CNET Australia's home entertainment drinks night

Here's just some of the action from our recent home entertainment drinks night, sponsored by Hills Antennas.

17 Images By 7 August 2012


CNET Australia drinks night: who loves home entertainment?

Here's your chance to join us for a drinks night in Sydney to talk about what home-entertainment technology we love.

By 6 July 2012


Google working on home entertainment center, WSJ says

The Internet titan and Android powerhouse reportedly plans to release a device that would wirelessly stream music throughout the home.

By 10 February 2012


MHL demo: Samsung Galaxy II turned home-entertainment system

In a demo, MHL Consortium turns a Samsung Galaxy II, or any MHL-enabled mobile device, and an HDTV into a full-featured home entertainment system.

By 29 October 2011


Top 5 home entertainment flops of the last decade

Five home entertainment technologies that refuse to die, but should.

By 17 January 2011


Home entertainment tech flops of the decade

Five home entertainment technologies that refuse to die, but should.

By 22 December 2010


Apple Airplay gets first streaming tomorrow at the Manchester Home Entertainment show

Apple Airplay -- the streaming technology that lets users pump their music to supported speakers via Apple products -- is to get its first public airing this weekend at the Home Entertainment show in Manchester

By 16 October 2010


3view Freeview HD set-top box: The future of home entertainment?

There are plenty of Freeview HD set-top boxes on the market or coming soon, but the 3view machine differentiates itself by offering some pretty awesome extras

By 21 April 2010