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Best smart home devices of 2014

From smart locks to smart lights, here's the best in smart home tech.


BOT Home Automation Ring

Ring is a significant step up from Doorbot and its upcoming motion- and weather-sensing features show promise, but I'm still a little concerned about its ability to stream a consistently decent video.

By 19 December 2014

3 stars Editors' rating 19 December 2014

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BOT Home Automation Doorbot

Doorbot is an excellent idea poorly executed -- hold off for now and hope that this glitchy device improves with time.

By 2 August 2014

2.5 stars Editors' rating 2 August 2014

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Archos' awkward answer to home automation

Clunky design defines the Archos $250 Smart Home Starter Pack.

By 16 August 2014


Insteon home automation adds unofficial Nest support

Owners of the Insteon Hub will be able to control Nest's Learning Thermostat alongside smart LEDs, motion detectors, wireless cameras, and other connected devices, within Insteon's app.

By 15 March 2014


SmartThings Home Automation will integrate everything in your house

SmartThings Home Automation will do everything in your house for you.

By 8 January 2014


Home automation at CES 2014 (pictures)

We're at CES this week and here are the latest releases in home automation

7 Images By 8 January 2014


Lowe's expands Iris home automation kit

Iris wants to be your everything in home automation.

By 7 January 2014


Hands-on with the Bot Home Automation DoorBot

Turn your doorbell into a wireless gatekeeper with the Bot Home Automation DoorBot

By 21 September 2013


Ivee Sleek makes home automation chatty (pictures)

CES marks the debut of a working Ivee Sleek prototype, a voice-controlled home automation device that lets you control your thermostat or get weather updates with the sound of your voice.

5 Images By 10 January 2013


Home automation

Still in its nascent stages, the trend toward home automation is slowly being realized with new products and services that allow people to control their lights, locks, music, TV, and heating systems with the touch of a button -- whether they're home or not.

By 11 December 2012