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Wireless charger could power tiny heart pump

Students at Rice University devise a way to remove the wires currently needed to power ventricular assist devices in patients with weak hearts.

By 5 May 2012


Future robots powered by pee? Urine luck!

How to power robots that go where humans fear to tread? A new device works like an artificial heart to pump pee into the "engine room" of self-sustaining bots.

By 12 November 2013


Scientists build human stem cells into a beating heart

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh have used human stem cells to build a heart that beats.

By 14 August 2013


New tool for grading Iowa kids in gym class? Heart rate monitors

No more slacking in PE -- at least not in the schools in Dubuque, Iowa. Starting this year, the district will require students to wear the devices.

By 19 August 2014


Why astronauts get blurry vision in space

Space is not kind to the human body. This video reveals exactly what happens to the eyes in zero-g.

By 18 June 2014


Next-gen mechanical heart debuts in Canada

Almost exactly two years after the first U.S. implantation, a DuraHeart Left Ventricular Assist Device has been implanted in a patient in Canada.

By 13 October 2010


Smell 'camera' preserves odors for posterity

Using technology developed for the perfume industry, a designer created an odor-capturing camera that gathers scents instead of visual images.

By 2 July 2013


Researcher battles insulin pump maker over security flaw

Medtronic downplays security researcher's concerns about the medical device he was able to hack.

By 27 August 2011


BlackBerry's dying, Ballmer's crying. Apple won, right?

At Cupertino, they appear to be dancing in the corridors, while at previous rivals, there is the rending of garments and wailing. How did this happen?

By 30 September 2013


PumpTires: Bike tires self-inflate as you ride

A startup called PumpTire is trying to bring its prototype high-tech urban bike tires to market. They automatically inflate as you ride.

By 27 August 2011