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T-Mobile HTC HD2 coming March 24 for $200

T-Mobile officially announces the availability date and pricing for the much-anticipated HTC HD2 smartphone.

By 17 March 2010


LG BH-200: Blu-ray and HD DVD in one fully featured player

If you didn't buy the LG BH-100 because it didn't offer full support for HD DVD we've got some good news about its older brother the BH-200, which supports both HD formats fully

By 13 December 2007


Deal or no deal? HD DVD player cracks $200 barrier

The price for Toshiba's HD-A2 HD DVD player has dipped below $200 at Amazon.com, Circuit City, and Wal-Mart Stores. Is that the magic price point?

By 30 October 2007


NAB 2008: Pro camcorder highlights

NAB 2008 is here, which means new camcorders you can't afford--check out our rundown of the highlights.

By 15 April 2008


Xbox 360 to PC: The $200 HD-DVD drive

Enterprising techs got the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive to work with regular computers.

By 18 November 2006