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We Happy Few: How does it actually play?

GameSpot tells you exactly what sort of gameplay you can expect from the Bioshock-esque, retro-futuristic We Happy Few.

By 27 July 2016


Happy nameday, Plutonian moons Nix and Hydra

June 21, 2016 marks the 10th anniversary of the naming of two of Pluto's tiny moons.

By 21 June 2016


Hoping for a happy adulthood for Harry Potter? Think again

Accio Kleenex! Fans are going to do some sobbing if they see the new play "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child," J.K. Rowling promises.

By 28 May 2016


The Mowgli's bring happiness and good times to our show (Tomorrow Daily 368)

We deep dive into origami meat bots, over-the-top selfie sticks and autonomous rally cars. Also, we welcome Katie and Andy from The Mowgli's to the show to talk about how they stay connected to fans and family while touring.

By 20 May 2016


The Angry Video Game Nerd's auction will make you very happy

The constantly cranky classic video game critic who reviews the most contemptible computer games of all time is holding a memorabilia auction for charity.

By 14 April 2016


Happy 40th birthday, Apple. Welcome to middle age

The company is over the hill now, but does that mean it has to be boring?

By 1 April 2016


Happy 10th birthday, Twitter! Will you make it to 20?

As the microblogging service turns 10, we look back on some Twitter milestones.

By 20 March 2016


McDonald's Happy Meal box folds into a VR headset for kids

Happy Meal boxes in Sweden now double as virtual-reality goggles -- and ski instructors -- for hungry children.

By 2 March 2016


Facebook emojis arrive. Put on a happy face

Social network releases its collection of emojis designed to convey more emotions than the "like" button delivers.

By 25 February 2016


The Legend of Zelda at 30: Happy birthday to a dear childhood friend

Commentary: It was the first game CNET's Michelle Starr ever played. After three decades, The Legend of Zelda still represents a powerful link to her past: "I grew up with these heroes."

By 20 February 2016