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Samsung Motion Sync Bagless Upright Vacuum with Fully Detachable Handheld

If your cleaning needs are limited to dust and other small stuff, this Samsung is stellar, but plenty of other uprights deliver better performance and usability for less.

By 5 April 2014

3 stars Editors' rating 5 April 2014

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​You probably won't give up Pokemon Go for Nintendo 3DS, but I would

Nintendo's old handheld hangs around in my bag.

By 19 July 2016


Get stable handheld video with the Yuneec Action Cam

Featuring a 4K camera with a grip, the Action Cam system keeps handheld footage smooth and stable.

By 28 October 2015


iOgrapher Go helps turn a GoPro into a steadier handheld video rig

After making all-purpose filmmaking cases for iPhones and iPads, iOgrapher has turned toward action-cam users who need a better way to shoot handheld.

By 20 October 2015


Pokemon Next: What Nintendo should do after Pokemon Go

Commentary: Nintendo finally has a mobile mega-hit. Here's what's coming next, and what should come after that.

By 13 July 2016


Nintendo might make its own controller for phones, tablets

After years of focusing solely on its own gaming consoles, the company hopes to make a bigger dent in the mobile market.

By 7 July 2016


Apple envisions transparent augmented-reality device

The gadget would display information on a see-through screen, so you could point the screen at the Golden Gate Bridge, say, and check out the bridge and info about it at the same time.

By 15 June 2016


Nintendo NX: What we know about the specs, price and release date of the next Nintendo game console

Don't expect to see Nintendo's new console at E3 2016. But here's everything we know about when the NX will be unveiled -- any how the legendary gaming company could make us say "wow."

By 12 June 2016


Gawk at the fantastic futuristic tech from 'Star Trek Beyond'

The designer behind drool-worthy new concepts for the most anticipated movie of the year offers an early look at innovations that make the tricorder look passe.

By 11 June 2016


NASA is using HoloLens to explore Mars (Tomorrow Daily 369)

NASA and Microsoft team up to help researchers experience Mars through HoloLens; also, a handheld microwave for cooking on the go that fits in a backpack.

By 24 May 2016