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Music-streaming service Grooveshark shuts down

Controversial service had faced paying damages of hundreds of millions of dollars in copyright infringement lawsuit filed by record labels.

By 1 May 2015


Grokster 1.6

Although it's fast and easy to use, Grokster delivers subpar results. Hang on to it only as a backup to LimeWire or Xolox.

By 11 September 2002

3 stars Editors' rating 11 September 2002

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No extradition showdown for MegaUpload this week

Extradition proceedings are unlikely to start before March 2. Meanwhile the U.S. piles on more charges against MegaUpload's managers.

By 22 February 2012


Post SOPA, influential tech investor favors 'blacklisting' pirate sites

VC Fred Wilson says Google, Bing, Facebook, and Twitter should warn people when they try to log in at known pirate sites: "We don't need legislation."

By 16 February 2012


RIAA chief: Copyright bills won't kill the Internet

guest column Cary Sherman argues that legislation targeting "rogue Web sites" would make the Web safer for content creators, without wide-ranging ripple effects or collateral damage.

By 9 November 2011


Viacom gets another shot in court against YouTube

Appearing before a federal appeals court, Viacom again argues that YouTube doesn't qualify for DMCA protection because managers knew of copyright violations. Google again asks, how are we supposed to know the difference between pirated clips and those uploaded by the owner?

By 19 October 2011


What's driving rise in music sales?

Was it the death of LimeWire, lower prices, Adele's skyrocketing popularity, or Amazon's big discount of Lady Gaga that halted a seven-year decline in album sales?

By 10 July 2011


VCs to Congress: Antipiracy bill will 'chill' tech investment

Some well-known venture capitalists ask lawmakers to reconsider support for Pro IP Act, a bill that would hand government sweeping powers to combat copyright theft.

By 25 June 2011


Was Napster or iTunes more influential?

The top few may be easy to name, but how would you round out the field? Read our picks and then decide for yourself.

By 27 May 2011


Lime Wire settles with RIAA for $105 million

Entrepreneur Mark Gorton, creator of the LimeWire file-sharing system, agrees to pay $105 million to settle copyright case.

By 13 May 2011