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15th-century chapel guarded by Alien and gremlins

A small 15th-century chapel in the south-west of France boasts, as gargoyles, Ridley Scott's Alien, Gizmo and a gremlin.

By 29 January 2013


Peek under the skin of Predator, Alien, and Mogwai

Get into the biology of some famous sci-fi creatures with artist Brad McGinty's anatomical illustrations.

By 12 September 2012


Mac OS X trojan uses your Mac to mint Bitcoins for hackers

A new piece of malware called DevilRobber hides in Mac app torrents and uses your video card to generate real cash moneys for hackers.

By 2 November 2011


Jetta recall: Honk horn, stall car

German automaker warns more than 70,000 U.S. consumers to hold off on honking their horns--or risk shutting off their engines.

By 29 March 2011


Avoiding the cost of entanglement

All the TCO and ROI calculations in the world won't save you from the massive gremlin of IT economics: Our entanglement with the vendors, products, and approaches we choose.

By 4 February 2011


Google TV snubs UK: "No plans beyond the US at this stage"

We give you the skinny on Google TV -- a new service from the search giant that aims to put video on demand right inside your telly. Just not in this country

By 21 May 2010


SanDisk buys MusicGremlin

SanDisk Corp. has announced the acquisition of a small, innovative MP3 player company named Music Gremlin.

By 10 June 2008


MusicGremlin (MP3 player/digital music service)

Get a first look from the Labs at the MusicGremlin MP3 player/digital music service.

22 May 2008


Geeky in-jokes dominate April Fools' Day 2010

Fake movie trailers, Tiger Woods as a Microsoft spokesman, and inflatable laptops are among the spoof news stories to emerge on the Web for April Fools' Day.

By 2 April 2010


Digital City Super Bowl tech, Dante vs Bioshock, and iPad alternatives (podcast)

This week, we give the Super Bowl a postmortem, from the on-site A/V equipment to the commercials, then debate whether Dante is spinning in his grave over his recent brush with video game fame.

By 12 February 2010