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Google Wave killed off: Drowning, not Waving

The tide has gone out permanently for collaborative inbox tool Google Wave

By 5 August 2010


Rasmussen: Why I left Google for Facebook

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, the co-developer of Google Maps and Google Wave, Lars Rasmussen, says that the social network is the place to be.

By 2 November 2010


BlackBerry: National security threat?

This week on Buzz, the best Clogging the Tubes ever, the end of Google Wave, and big, bad BlackBerry.

By 6 August 2010


Is Google Wave getting Buzzed?

In 2009, Google Wave was Google's vision of the future of communication. With the debut of Google Buzz in February, that vision has competition.

By 16 March 2010


Google Wave invites roll on, remain scarce

The eBay economy for Google Wave invitations has been pretty healthy, with some fetching upward of $80 to $100.

By 14 October 2009


Google Wave

Rafe Needleman gets his hands on the developer preview of Google Wave. Here's what it is and why it matters.

5 June 2009


Google Wave: Why it's so good and enterprise software is so bad

Google Wave is a great example of how innovation happens, and why it's not happening in enterprise software.

By 2 June 2009


Google Wave has developers buzzing

The search giant's ambitious Google Wave project has developers at Google I/O mulling the possibilities, and even comparing it to the iPhone.

By 29 May 2009


Facebook unveils new Messages unifying your email, IM and texts

Facebook has unveiled a new messaging system that pulls together email, IM and text messages. Did somebody say Google Wave?

By 16 November 2010


Google acquires EtherPad online collaboration tool

The Net colossus is bolstering the Google Wave project by acquiring AppJet, a smaller rival with an online collaboration service. EtherPad will shut down in March.

By 5 December 2009