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Your face, made from Hubble images

Artist Sergio Albiac is creating a crowdsourced series of starry-eyed portraits reconstructing faces out of images from space.

By 19 July 2013


Microsoft launches site for mouse-drawn artwork

The software giant creates The Art of Touch site to encourage users to create digital paintings and learning about the company's hardware products.

By 11 November 2011


Planetary app turns music library into galactic art (Q&A)

45 Minutes on IM: Bloom President Ben Cerveny sits down with CNET to talk about how his new company's approach to data visualization could forever change the way people interact with information.

By 3 May 2011


When LEDs and math equal high art

Road Trip at Home: Leo Villareal has become one of the most prominent LED artists in the world, but he'd say his work is about applying logic and math to light.

By 23 September 2010