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Ancestry.com set for $1.6B acquisition deal: WSJ

The genealogy giant with more than 2 million subscribers is set to be acquired by a private-equity firm, in a bid to move into the Western European market.

By 22 October 2012


FamilyBuilder offers genealogy research across social networks

At DemoFall, company shows off software that enables people to search major social networks to build family trees.

By 10 September 2008


Open sourcing genealogy for Linux first? Bad move

Genealogy that relies on Linux users is never going to reach its full potential.

By 8 July 2008


GeneTree sprouts genealogy branches

James Lee Sorenson oversees a social-networking genealogy Web site, tapping into what he calls the most viral network today--the family.

By 24 October 2007


Ancestry.com files for IPO

Genealogy site hopes to raise around $75 million with its initial public offering. Launched on the Web in 1997, the site now has almost 1 million paying customers.

By 5 August 2009


Tileplex mashes up product genealogy with Kevin Bacon

String together products with Tileplex.

By 23 August 2007


Ancestry.com adds DNA genealogy to the mix...dare I peek?

Genealogy site announces plans to add DNA digging to its mix of ancestral-sleuthing tools.

By 19 June 2007


Geni: Finally, Genealogy made easy

Geni is a new, free family tree service that's leagues easier to use than most competitive systems.

By 17 January 2007


Genealogy site MyFamily adds branches to its tree

The company acquires RootsWeb.com, one of the oldest and largest online communities for accessing family history information.

By 22 June 2000


Mattel spins off Genealogy.com

The toy maker, along with Hearst Interactive Media and A&E Television, create a joint venture to back a new genealogy Web site.

3 November 1999