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Putin: The Internet is a CIA project

The Russian president, currently waging emotional warfare against Western influence, insists the Internet didn't merely begin as a CIA project, it allegedly continues to develop as one.

By 25 April 2014


Kasparov loses to Deep Blue: Tech Time Machine

Most of us find a computer chess game hard enough to beat, but not so if you have the rather grandiose title of chess grandmaster.

By 11 May 2012


IBM's Watson jeopardizes humanity in game 2

In the second of three nights of the IBM Challenge, supercomputer Watson dominates and even shows inadvertent humor.

By 16 February 2011


Opening the door from lab to market

Departing IBM Research for scholarly pursuits, Paul Horn offers a bullish forecast for technology innovation.

By 2 August 2007


Canadian computer Chinook solves checkers

Barring any mistakes, game of checkers will always end in a draw

By 21 July 2007


Supercomputer slays U.K.'s top chess player

Chess grandmaster comes in a distant second to Hydra, in the latest clash of human versus machine. Photos: Grandmaster crushed

By 2 July 2005