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Putin: The Internet is a CIA project

The Russian president, currently waging emotional warfare against Western influence, insists the Internet didn't merely begin as a CIA project, it allegedly continues to develop as one.

By 25 April 2014


Kasparov loses to Deep Blue: Tech Time Machine

Most of us find a computer chess game hard enough to beat, but not so if you have the rather grandiose title of chess grandmaster.

By 11 May 2012


IBM's Watson jeopardizes humanity in game 2

In the second of three nights of the IBM Challenge, supercomputer Watson dominates and even shows inadvertent humor.

By 16 February 2011


Crave Podcast 96: Microsoft punks Vista haters

It's podcast Friday, y'all! We report on Microsoft's Mojave experiment, which fooled ordinary folks into loving Windows Vista. The jokers

By 1 August 2008


Canadian computer Chinook solves checkers

Barring any mistakes, game of checkers will always end in a draw

By 21 July 2007