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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Choose the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active for its sporty style, fast internals, and underwater camera fun, but pass if you're an image snob or seek a truly rugged phone.

By 17 July 2013

4 stars Editors' rating 17 July 2013

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Always On Torture Test Giveaway: Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

After a day at the zoo gone wrong, the S4 Active could be yours for the fixing.

By 25 September 2013


Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

It's sporty. It's dust-proof. It's waterproof. Take a look at Samsung's latest smartphone.

By 18 September 2013


Samsung Galaxy S4 Active hits Australia

The ruggedised version of the Galaxy S4 hits Samsung stores today outright, and will be available on contract exclusively through Vodafone.

By 22 August 2013


Samsung to improve water damage cover for Galaxy S4 Active

Samsung is improving the warranty for the Galaxy S4 Active, which despite being waterproof isn't covered for water damage.

By 6 August 2013


AT&T will replace water-damaged Galaxy S4 Actives

The carrier promises a replacement Active S4 phone for any customer whose current handset has been clobbered by water.

By 7 August 2013


Samsung Galaxy S4 Active hands-on

Samsung's Galaxy S4 line gets another family member in the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, a hardened, ruggedized spin-off of the company's flagship model.

By 18 July 2013


Samsung's Galaxy S4 Active makes waves

Just how good is the smartphone's underwater Aqua mode? We plan a pool party to find out.

By 18 July 2013


Up close with the sporty Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (pictures)

This dustproof, waterproof Galaxy S4 phone has a flashier design and some cool new moves.

13 Images By 17 July 2013


Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

17 July 2013