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Alcatel Scribe HD calls out Galaxy Note II (pictures)

Samsung's Galaxy Note II has new competition in the quad-core Alcatel Scribe HD.

6 Images By 8 January 2013


Samsung Galaxy Note II

15 November 2012


Disable alerts at a specific time on your Galaxy Note II

Learn how to disable alerts for set periods of time, allowing you to get other things done, like working or napping!

By 3 November 2012


Galaxy Note II coming to Sprint October 25, stylus in tow

The big-screen Galaxy Note 2 will hit Sprint October 25, for $299.99

By 17 October 2012


IFA 2012: Galaxy Note II

31 August 2012


Samsung Galaxy Note II: hands-on photos

At IFA 2012, Samsung took the wraps off the new Galaxy Note II. We go hands on with photos and first thoughts.

9 Images By 30 August 2012


Samsung video starts Galaxy Note II hype machine

With little more than a week to go before unveiling the Galaxy Note II, Samsung has started teasing the announcement in a YouTube video.

By 21 August 2012


Eye Tribe shows off working eye-tracking on a mobile phone

Earlier demos were done on Android tablets, but the software company showed off a proof of concept using a modified Samsung Galaxy Note II to demo its eye-tracking software at Showstoppers.

By 24 February 2014


Take, edit screenshots on Galaxy Note devices with the S Pen

The S Pen stylus that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Note 8.0, and Note 10.1 differentiates those devices from other smartphones and tablets. One of the cool things you can do with the S Pen is take and edit screenshots.

By 22 August 2013


Watch YouTube videos in a floating window on Android

Wish your phone had the split-screen multitasking feature that is available on the Samsung Galaxy Note II? Now you can grab some of that functionality for YouTube videos.

By 23 February 2013