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Formula One 05

Formula One 2005 is the most accessible in the series so far, providing good looking, easy to control action for beginners and plenty of depth for fanatics.

By 12 August 2005

0 stars Editors' rating 12 August 2005

Typical price: $80.00


Formula One 2004

It's the closest fans will get to driving in Formula One. It's fun and if you enjoy watching the sport then this game will suck you in.

By 17 November 2004

0 stars Editors' rating 17 November 2004

Typical price: $100.00


Formula One to race eco-friendly hybrid engines

The engines that power existing cars will be replaced by much smaller engines with systems designed to reduce fuel consumption by as much as 50 percent.

By 7 December 2010


Formula One design vet creating eco-smart city car

Planned city car from Gordon Murray Design will be small enough so that three vehicles can be parked headlong into a single space.

By 8 July 2008


The Formula 1 mouse pad

It's $525, but you get an F1 logo on tissue paper too

By 7 March 2007


McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 car debuts

Alonso tests MP4-22 in Spain

By 19 January 2007


Formula One phone is off to the races

Vodafone handsets dedicated to McLaren Mercedes

By 17 January 2007


Car Tech proves decisive in Ferrari's Formula One penalty

Car Tech proves decisive in Ferrari's Formula One penalty

By 31 May 2006


Formula One gives Wind River green flag

New rules permit pit crews to send electronic commands to the car to change its configuration while on the track. Wind River Systems is revving its engine.

By 15 May 2002


Electric cars race to the finish in the Formula E at Long Beach

Halfway through the all-new Formula E season, an international race of electric cars, and the stakes feel just as high as in a Formula 1 race, but these cars represent the future.

By 5 April 2015