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See new Gears of War 4 campaign footage, as new multiplayer map revealed

Watch nearly seven minutes of campaign footage from the upcoming Xbox One and PC game, while new multiplayer map also revealed.

By 21 July 2016


Fresh 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' footage and poster revealed

Attendees at the Star Wars Celebration in London got the first look at a new trailer for "Rogue One." Expect stormtroopers, a new planet and Darth Vader.

By 16 July 2016


​GoPro found in water with intact footage of a crab selfie

Watch video of underwater life captured on a lost GoPro found by a fisherman.

By 10 July 2016


Drone footage shows 70 sharks in bloody feeding frenzy

The sharks feasted on a whale carcass off the coast of Western Australia for two hours as tourists gawked.

By 23 May 2016


Who's 'Jaws' now? Drone footage shows dolphins attacking shark

An aerial camera catches a pod of dolphins tiring out, then killing a shark off the coast of Australia.

By 11 May 2016


Watch System Shock Remastered's first gameplay footage here

Developer Night Dive Studios has released the first footage of its System Shock reimagining.

By 15 March 2016


Watch Quantum Break prototype footage

Plus, developer Remedy talks about telling a story that covers "much more" than one game.

By 8 February 2016


Scientists catch rare footage of icy volcano erupting

Active volcano Big Ben on a sub-Antarctic island has been viewed and captured in a rare direct observation of the event.

By 4 February 2016


Watch Star Wars Battlefront 3 footage from apparent prototype version

Check out the game's reported title screen and some gameplay on Hoth.

By 21 January 2016


Watch Wonder Woman fight fiercely in first footage from upcoming film

Feminist cultural icon. Symbol of strength and beauty. And now, finally, feature film movie hero. Check out this new clip from "Wonder Woman," opening in June of 2017.

By 21 January 2016