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Sony folds up Folding@home PS3 project after 100M hours

The innovative effort, created in partnership with Stanford, was designed to improve researchers' ability to examine a process called "protein folding."

By 23 October 2012


Sony's Folding@home project gets Guinness record

The project, which uses distributed computing to allow scientists to do research related to proteins and serious diseases, is called the world's most powerful such system.

By 1 November 2007


Sony's PlayStation 3 experiences its biggest hack yet

A hacker group finds a secret set of codes that can decrypt the PlayStation 3's Level 0 security layer -- the holy grail of secrecy within Sony's console.

By 25 October 2012


Security Flaw in Folding@Home screensaver

Security Flaw in Folding@Home screensaver

By 11 March 2003


Top ten tech records

Some claim that, if you want to be a record-breaker, dedication's what you need. Others believe all you need is a stonking huge mobile phone, a lightning-fast electric motorbike or a 2.3-gigapixel camera

By 20 November 2009


Why the Xbox could be good for your heart

Discovery shows that researchers trying to model a range of processes, such as electrical excitations in the heart, can use an Xbox chip as a cheap alternative.

By 29 September 2009


Gamers waste $1 billion of energy? Probably not

NRDC claims that gamers are wasting $1 billion of energy by leaving their consoles on, but CNET finds the assumptions of the study a little unbelievable.

By 21 November 2008


PlayStation 3 gets weather, Google News, and other Web goodies

The latest PlayStation system software update includes a new application that's chock full of Web goodness.

By 19 September 2008


Nvidia conference is all about the other processor

At its first-ever Nvision conference, Nvidia makes a case for the graphics processing unit, the other chip inside the PC.

By 26 August 2008


Nvidia turns on consumer GPU computing. Should you care?

Nvidia offers PowerPack which enables physics processing on the GPU

By 13 August 2008