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Man shoots down drone hovering over house

A Kentucky man thinks it's unacceptable when a drone floats over his property. So he shoots it down. Then the drone's owners come calling.

By 31 July 2015


NTSB: Boeing Dreamliner blaze probe needs more time

An interim report from the National Transportation Safety Board offers insight into the state of the battery in a Japan Airlines fire in January, but there's still more work to be done.

By 8 March 2013


Tech Time Machine: 20 March

Today is the birthday of the Australian who gave us the flight data recorder or, as it's more rather erroneously referred to as, the black box.

By 20 March 2012


Tech beyond black boxes? It just won't fly

In a digital era where airplanes are jammed with phones and Wi-Fi, why are flights still relying on older technology to recover data? Photos: Retrieving data from the cockpit

By 19 August 2005


Show-and-tell for Microsoft

Redmond plans equivalent of flight data recorder for PCs. Also: Lots about Longhorn. Photos: A look at Longhorn

28 April 2005


Microsoft to add 'black box' to Windows

Redmond will add the equivalent of a flight data recorder to PCs. Such detailed information could rankle privacy advocates.

By 26 April 2005


Longhorn OS: Sure hit or longshot?

Getting corporate customers and consumers onto Microsoft's Longhorn bandwagon may take some doing, say professors at Wharton. The answer will depend a lot on upcoming improvements in software security, sales in the technology industry and Microsoft's ability to remain a cutting-edge innovator.

11 May 2005


Week in review: Longhorn on Tiger's tail

Battle of the operating systems heats up as Apple unleashes Tiger and Microsoft shows off some of the beef to expect in Longhorn.

By 30 April 2005


Gates trots out Longhorn

Microsoft's chairman tries to win over developers as he offers the first look at the next version of Windows, which he reiterated is the company's biggest effort since Windows 95.

By 28 October 2003