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App of the Day: Flight Control Rocket

It's a logical progression for Flight Control as it heads for the stars.

By 13 April 2012


SpaceShipTwo fires rocket engine in supersonic flight

The space plane hits Mach 1.2 as Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson sees "full space flight" by the end of 2013.

By 30 April 2013


Orbital's Antares rocket makes successful test flight

The Antares launched smoothly from Virginia's Wallops Flight Facility and released a simulated cargo ship. It's slated to follow SpaceX's Falcon 9 as a commercial ISS resupply craft.

By 22 April 2013


Antares rocket in flawless test flight (pictures)

It was four days late due to a glitch and bad weather, but Orbital Sciences' Antares got off the ground to a flawless test flight ahead of cargo trips for the International Space Station.

6 Images By 22 April 2013


Russian Soyuz rockets into space on delayed station flight

In blizzard-like conditions, a Russian Soyuz spacecraft blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan carrying two cosmonauts and a NASA astronauts on a two-day flight to the International Space Station.

By 14 November 2011


Amputee to climb building's 103 flights with mind-controlled leg

This weekend, Zak Vawter could take a huge step for amputees everywhere -- and for a state-of-the-art prosthetic device that affords a more natural gait.

By 2 November 2012


Boeing selects Atlas 5 rockets for manned test flights

Boeing will use United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rockets for initial test flights of a proposed commercial manned capsule designed to ferry astronauts to the International Space Station in the post-shuttle era.

By 5 August 2011


Shuttle Endeavour rockets into orbit on its final flight

Knifing through low clouds, the shuttle Endeavour streaked into orbit Monday after a two-week delay, kicking off the orbiter's 25th and final mission.

By 17 May 2011


SpaceX rocket explodes. ('Rockets are tricky,' says Elon Musk)

After a malfunction during a test flight, a Falcon 9 Reusable rocket built by Musk's firm explodes over McGregor, Texas.

By 24 August 2014


Virgin Galactic rocket plane makes first gliding free flight

In a milestone on the road to commercial space flight, Virgin Galactic's futuristic suborbital rocket plane completed its first gliding flight test today, an 11-minute, 45,000-foot drop to a Mojave Desert runway.

By 11 October 2010