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How to track your file and browser history in Windows

Many of us are used to using browser history to keep track of old sites, but History Viewer, a free Windows app, lets us track files we've used as well. This can be helpful for jogging memory or fighting disorganization.

By 31 January 2012


Safari not launching; related to problematic history files

Several users have experienced problems with Safari not launching. For affected users, the program seems to run perfectly fine and then suddenly stops.

By 22 August 2008


Debunking five Windows 8 myths

You don't need a Start button; use more keyboard shortcuts, not fewer; enable File History; confirm file deletions; and shut down apps quickly. Plus: tweak your Windows 8 laptop's touch pad.

By 20 February 2013


How to automatically back up your personal files in Windows 8

The new File History feature in Windows 8 can automatically back up your documents, music, pictures, and other personal files.

By 27 June 2012


Using and managing the Terminal history in OS X

The Bash Terminal shell in OS X (or other Unix-like systems, for that matter) contains a history feature that can be quite useful.

By 4 January 2013


Search and clear your browser history more easily in Chrome

Searching your history in Chrome is fairly useful, but it could use some improvement. Enhanced History Options is an extension that gives greater flexibility in searching and clearing your history.

By 16 May 2012


Building better bridges between the MacBook and iPad

Apple's optimizing of the MacBook and iPad interfaces makes for a solid duo. But moving between the devices could be easier.

By 1 June 2014


3D-printed cadavers revolutionise anatomical education

The 3D Printed Anatomy Series allows medical students to learn human anatomy without needing access to a real cadaver.

By 16 July 2014


Go incognito when launching Chrome on Windows

Need to keep your browsing habits private or just trying to avoid cookies? Read on to find out how you can launch Chrome into incognito automatically.

By 27 May 2014


Apple releases guidelines for law enforcement data requests

New rules also explain under which circumstances it will notify users that their data has been requested by law enforcement agencies.

By 8 May 2014