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Won't buy Apple products anymore? Then don't stop there

In the wake of some calls for an Apple boycott, it's worth noting that human-intensive mass production has faced problems with abysmal working conditions in just about every major industrial economy.

By 30 January 2012


Chevy still feeling the sting of viral marketing gone wrong

Chevy still feeling the sting of viral marketing gone wrong

By 4 April 2006


Hair, fur, pantyhose deployed to fight oil spill

Environmental groups and people along the Gulf of Mexico are making booms and mats out of hair and fur to clean up the recent oil spill.

By 8 May 2010


BP fails to plug oil well with 'top kill' method

Next option is to try to capture the oil from the well rather than plug it. The best option for stopping the flow remains drilling a relief well, which is expected to take months.

By 30 May 2010


Fake BP Twitter account remains shrouded in mystery

Someone very funny has been aping oil company BP's public relations department in the wake of the Gulf Coast rig disaster. We still have no idea who's behind it.

By 28 May 2010


Obama to visit scene of Gulf oil spill

President over the weekend will visit the Gulf Coast to back efforts to clean up and contain of one of the worst oil spills in U.S. history.

By 2 May 2010


BP crowdsources Gulf clean-up technologies

Even as the world waits to see whether BP can permanently stem the flow of oil into the Gulf, the company is evaluating technologies to clean up the disaster.

By 20 July 2010


Propane helps turn garden gear green

Los Angeles company introduces what may be world's first line of gardening equipment that runs entirely on propane, which is cleaner than gasoline, but still fossil-fuel based.

By 15 April 2009


New stars in new media: Is cute the killer app on YouTube?

Two hand-holding sea otters on YouTube draw millions.

By 10 May 2007


BP eyes Kevin Costner-backed oil clean-up tech

The energy giant has ordered 32 oil-water separators from Ocean Therapy, a company spun out of U.S. national labs and funded by actor/environmentalist Kevin Costner.

By 15 June 2010