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Won't buy Apple products anymore? Then don't stop there

In the wake of some calls for an Apple boycott, it's worth noting that human-intensive mass production has faced problems with abysmal working conditions in just about every major industrial economy.

By 30 January 2012


BP crowdsources Gulf clean-up technologies

Even as the world waits to see whether BP can permanently stem the flow of oil into the Gulf, the company is evaluating technologies to clean up the disaster.

By 20 July 2010


BP eyes Kevin Costner-backed oil clean-up tech

The energy giant has ordered 32 oil-water separators from Ocean Therapy, a company spun out of U.S. national labs and funded by actor/environmentalist Kevin Costner.

By 15 June 2010


BP's battered brand draws consumer opposition

Activists are demonstrating at gas stations, drumming up support on social networks--with little or no effect on the oil giant's revenues.

By 5 June 2010


Inside BP's war room

Details from third floor of the British oil giant's U.S. headquarters in Houston, where executives and engineers schemed up "top kill" and continue to deal with the oil spill crisis in the Gulf.

By 3 June 2010


BP fails to plug oil well with 'top kill' method

Next option is to try to capture the oil from the well rather than plug it. The best option for stopping the flow remains drilling a relief well, which is expected to take months.

By 30 May 2010


Fake BP Twitter account remains shrouded in mystery

Someone very funny has been aping oil company BP's public relations department in the wake of the Gulf Coast rig disaster. We still have no idea who's behind it.

By 28 May 2010


Obama in Gulf as BP reports progress

President Obama visits one of the worst-affected areas from the spreading spill, while BP says success of latest effort to stop the flow still uncertain.

By 29 May 2010


Presidential commission to probe Gulf oil spill

Panel will investigate issues related to the spill and its aftermath, including rig safety and regulatory regimes at the local, state, and federal levels.

By 18 May 2010


BP tussles with latest bid to contain oil spill

As tricky undersea efforts to stanch the flow of oil continue, the Obama administration demands "immediate public clarification" about BP's intentions on paying costs tied to the accident.

By 16 May 2010