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Sick of Pokemon? There's a Chrome extension for that

The "PokeGone" Chrome extension promises to filter out all Pokemon-related content from your internet experience.

By 13 July 2016


The best Edge extensions

Or rather, all the Edge extensions you can try out today.

By 29 June 2016


You can now try out browser extensions in Edge

Windows 10 Insiders can download a handful of browser extensions for Edge right now.

By 17 May 2016


15 useful extensions to improve Firefox

Firefox is a solid third-party Web browser on all major operating systems. Here are some helpful extensions to give you better control over your browsing experience.

By 15 May 2016


7 Chrome extensions that can save you hundreds of dollars

Use Chrome as your browser? Want to save money? Downloading these Chrome extensions can save hundreds of dollars.

8 Images By 13 April 2016


4 simple note-taking extensions for Chrome

Looking for a simple way to jot down notes while using Chrome? Look no further.

By 3 April 2016


Browse Netflix's secret genre categories with browser extension

Why browse when you can Super Browse?

By 14 January 2016


PS Plus extension codes to make up for PSN outage going out this week, report says

Sony is making good on its promise to extend memberships after the PSN outage earlier this month.

By 13 January 2016


How to properly wrap and store a long extension cable

Avoid messes and tangles by using a daisy chain when wrapping and storing extension cables.

By 1 January 2016


Banish 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' spoilers with this Chrome extension

Spoilers are consigned to the outer rim if you install this extension.

By 28 November 2015