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Asus P5E3 Premium motherboard: Surf without Windows

We've just got our hands on an Asus Splashtop (aka Express Gate) motherboard that lets you surf the Web within 10 seconds of hitting the power button

By 5 February 2008


Light vs heat: Fujitsu rebuilds server with silicon photonics

Using Intel's silicon photonics chips, Fujitsu demonstrates how fiber-optic links can replace copper wires to handle PCI Express data transfer. The result: a machine that's easier to keep cool.

By 6 November 2013


When will your favorite airline take advantage of the FAA's rule change?

The FAA has relaxed rules on using electronics on airplanes. But that doesn't necessarily apply to your next flight. Here's a list of when each US airline plans to allow passengers to use gadgets during all phases of a flight -- updated as changes happen.

By 1 November 2013


Asus F70: World's first 17.3-inch laptop that has F70 in the name that's made by Asus

Asus has launched the Asus F70, the world's first laptop to be called the Asus F70 and have a 17.3-inch 16:9 display. The Guinness Book of Records has not been alerted

By 21 April 2009


LaCie one-ups itself with dual-drive Thunderbolt storage

Already a Thunderbolt pioneer, LaCie announces two new products for the fast expensive interface: the dual-drive 2big storage system and a hub for eSATA drives.

By 10 January 2012


Asus to launch laptops with instant-on feature

Five new laptops from Asus, announced at Computex Taipei, will include the Splashtop instant-on software for hitting the Web without loading Windows.

By 29 May 2008


Debate continues over YouTube and Libya attack

Congressional investigation charges that Americans were murdered in a well-planned attack that, contrary to what Obama administration said at the time, had nothing to do with a crude anti-Islam video on YouTube.

By 13 October 2012


Asus U50Vg

The U50Vg has some annoying design issues, but it's a great laptop that can be relied on when out and about.

3 August 2009

4 stars Editors' rating 3 August 2009

Typical price: $1,499.00


Intel details Thunderbolt tech

Intel spelled out its high-speed Thunderbolt connector tech today, which Apple is using immediately on its new MacBook Pros.

By 25 February 2011


Enterprise cloud computing coming of age

In recent weeks, the landscape of cloud computing has changed dramatically, with the introduction of services from the likes of Amazon, Savvis, Terremark and OpSource.

By 9 September 2009