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Mirror's Edge Catalyst dev explains why abilities are locked

DICE says new system helps people free-run better as Faith.

By 16 April 2016


The new Senate encryption bill, explained (The 3:59, Ep. 28)

On today's podcast, Ben enlists retired lawyer Iyaz Akhtar to delve into the "Compliance with Court Orders Act of 2016."

By 15 April 2016


Interview: Sebastian Terry explains why he's helping check off your bucket list on Tomorrow Daily

Sebastian Terry currently travels the world, helping people live their dreams, and he stopped by the Tomorrow Daily studio to talk about his journey, how positive online communities can be, and his new show "100 Things."

By 9 April 2016


Steve Wozniak talks about creating Silicon Valley Comic Con with BFF Stan Lee (Tomorrow Daily 329 show notes)

Silicon Valley Comic Con is coming up, and we spoke to co-founder Steve Wozniak about how the mashup of tech, gaming and pop culture came to be.

By 11 March 2016


Steve Wozniak explains 'Woz's Law of Robotics' to us (Tomorrow Daily 329)

On today's show, we deep dive into the World Drone Prix, making music via face tracking, and Goodyear's spherical tire concept. We also welcome the one and only Steve Wozniak to the show, to discuss Silicon Valley Comic Con and future technology.

By 11 March 2016


Rocket League reaches 12 million players, as dev explains sales breakdown

The hit soccer-with-cars game continues to grow following its Xbox One release.

By 26 February 2016


LIGO team member Joshua Smith explains gravitational waves discovery with Tomorrow Daily

Ashley and Jeff sit down and talk about what the recent gravitational waves discovery means with Joshua Smith, director of the Gravitational-Wave Physics and Astronomy Center at California State University, Fullerton (and member of the LIGO collaborative).

By 20 February 2016


Star Citizen creator wishes he'd explained game's development schedule better

Chris Roberts talks about the fluid nature of game development and how he'd do things differently if he had another chance.

By 17 February 2016


Car Tech 101: Auto-start-stop explained

Brian Cooley discusses auto-start-stop tech, what it is and why it's here to stay.

By 8 February 2016


The Division trailer explains the game's many skills and mods

Here's what you need to know about The Division's 12 skills and 36 mods.

By 5 February 2016