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13.3-inch Sony tablet is like Etch A Sketch on steroids

Perfect for handwriting or sketches, the large but lightweight Digital Paper notepad is just over a quarter of an inch thick and weighs just 12.6 ounces.

By 21 May 2013


'Etcher' turns iPad into Etch A Sketch -- real knobs and all

This Kickstarter project for the iPad isn't your usual digital-only app re-creation of a phenomenon from yesteryear. It's a remarkable facsimile.

By 11 May 2012


See Boeing's Etch A Sketch flight path

You'll probably have memories of a classic childhood toy after seeing this Boeing 787 route.

By 11 February 2012


Kitschy-fun case turns iPad into Etch A Sketch

Headcase's new officially licensed Etch A Sketch iPad case is just what it sounds like.

By 22 September 2010


Etch-A-Sketch on the plasma

Relive your childhood in a big way.

By 22 January 2008


Ferrari GPS or Etch-A-Sketch?

It's packed with features but looks like a toy

By 15 November 2006


Find out what lurks inside a mannequin

Watch this creepy video to see what happens when you crack open a display mannequin. Sadly, it's not full of plastic organs.

By 11 June 2016


Blinded me with science: Life lessons I learned from fictional teachers

As Teacher Appreciation Week ends, thanks for the lessons on sword fighting, meth making and using the Force.

By 7 May 2016


High-tech Etch-a-Sketch reaches market

Wacom, a Vancouver, Washington-based maker of tablet input devices, is offering what could be the display of the future.

2 October 1997