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Sony puts Netflix in new ES AV receivers

Sony has announced two new AV receivers in its ES line, adding an updated user interface and streaming-media options like Netflix, YouTube, and Pandora.

By 9 September 2011


Sony and Control4 bring home automation to the masses (hands-on)

Sony and Control4 add smart home tech to receivers.

By 6 September 2012


Sony announces two new 'ES' AV receivers

Sony has announced two new models in its "Elevated Standard" line of AV receivers, with the step-up STR-DA5500ES featuring six HDMI inputs, Rhapsody streaming and the ability to control it over a network.

By 10 September 2009


New Sony ES receivers stream HD video over Ethernet

Sony's new high-end receivers can stream HD video over an Ethernet connection, and the STR-DA6400ES also adds internet services such as Rhapsody and Shoutcast internet radio.

By 5 September 2008


Sony unleashes three new ES receivers

Sony unveils three new ES ("elevated standard") AV receivers for the 2008-2009 model year: the STR-DA2400ES, STR-DA3400ES, and STR-DA4400ES.

By 27 June 2008


New 2009 Sony AV receivers: Here comes the gloss

Sony announces its new 2009 line of AV receivers, including the STR-DN1000, which includes a slick new design.

By 3 March 2009


World's best (sounding) home theater in a box

Hint, it's not a Sony, Panasonic, Bose, Samsung, or even a Pioneer. Onkyo's HT-S9100THX is the king of HTiBs, and its large shipping box hints at why.

By 7 January 2009


Onkyo TX-SR576: Put your television's speakers out of work

The sound that comes out of most TVs is pretty horrible, and if you've just spent a grand on your screen you should really get a nice surround-sound system to back it up

By 8 July 2008


Sony officially announces new ES A/V receivers

Sony officially announces new ES A/V receivers

By 14 September 2006


Sony's new budget AV receivers packed with features

Sony rolled out four new AV receivers--the STR-DG520, STR-DG720, STR-DG820 and STR-DG920--and from our initial glance at the spec sheet, they seem to offer up a pretty decent bang for your buck.

By 26 February 2008