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UA Headphones Wireless - Engineered by JBL

What do we think of UA's new wireless sports headphones that are engineered by JBL? Read on to find out.

By 14 January 2016

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Apple 'heartbroken' by death of engineer found on campus

A Santa Clara County Sheriff's spokeswoman says the cause is being ruled suicide.

By 28 April 2016


Samsung's SmartThings snatches Amazon's director of engineering

After nearly five years at Amazon, Robert Parker has joined Samsung's smart home platform at a critical time as senior vice president of engineering.

By 26 April 2016


Thrust your rump into a chair made from a 737 engine

Get ready to take off to a higher plane of furniture design with a honking chair crafted from a Boeing jet engine cowling.

By 23 April 2016


Inky the octopus engineers epic aquarium break, becomes celebrity

A captive octopus went all "Finding Nemo" with a clever escape plan that took him from an aquarium tank back into the wilds of the ocean.

By 15 April 2016


Apple engineers mull quitting if feds win iPhone battle

Some employees might stage their own type of civil disobedience rather than create a custom version of iOS needed to unlock an iPhone tied to the San Bernardino shootings.

By 19 March 2016


Woz says having your engineers in Russia isn't a good idea

Technically Incorrect: In a new short film about his life and experience, the Apple co-founder pleads for the centrality of the engineering function.

By 17 March 2016


Start your engines, the World Drone Prix is happening this weekend (Tomorrow Daily 326)

The World Drone Prix holds its championships this upcoming weekend in Dubai; also, DARPA's X-Plane concept aims for perfect vertical takeoffs and landings.

By 8 March 2016


World Drone Prix is about as futuristic as it gets (Tomorrow Daily 326 show notes)

The World Drone Prix race tracks look like they came straight out of a cool science fiction novel, and you'll be able to live stream the competition this weekend.

By 8 March 2016


The new search engine for business is called, um, Plonked

Technically Incorrect: Plonked claims there's a need for more advanced, business-specific search. It says there are far fewer than six degrees of separation between companies. But, oh, that name.

By 4 March 2016