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Electric Slide In Range UPSE3024ST

Clad in lots of steel the Signature Slide In Electric Range boasts expensive looks and app-connected smarts.

By 20 January 2016

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Tokyo's crazy Akihabara Electric Town has the most amazing electronics stores you'll ever see

The district has everything from gadgets and games to LCDs and LEDs. It was once a legendary haven for cheap electronics. Now it's something a bit different. Here's a tour.

By 1 May 2016

Editors' Take

FlyKly Smart Ped electric scooter

With a cleverly designed rear-wheel hub motor, the Smart Ped electric scooter gives you a boost on the urban commute.

By 15 October 2015

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Appliance Science: How solar panels convert light into electricity

Solar panels harvest the energy of the sun to drive your appliances. How do they convert one form of energy into another? Appliance Science is here to explain.

By 3 May 2016


Take a tour of Tokyo's crazy Akihabara Electric Town and massive Yodobashi Camera (pictures)

Tokyo's Akihabara Electric Town was once a legendary haven for cheap electronics. Now it's something a bit different. A bit more. Here's a tour.

35 Images By 1 May 2016


Think you can sleep through anything?

If you're a liberal user of the snooze button, this wearable alarm clock, currently seeking funds on Indigogo, can zap that bad habit out of you.

By 20 April 2016


Reports suggest Dyson is designing an electric car

Premium vacuum maker Dyson is reportedly expanding its scope to include electric vehicles.

By 25 March 2016


See a stuntman backflip over a zooming electric race car

Formula E race cars aren't just for racing anymore. They're also good for crazy, no-look backflip stunts.

By 19 April 2016


Clean your electric range with a razor blade and cloth

It's found in the painting supplies section of the hardware store and will make your electric range sparkle.

By 30 March 2016


Through Europe in a Tesla Model S part 2: Electric detour

Andy and Luke run into trouble on their 1,000-mile drive to Mobile World Congress, as the car takes them on a costly detour to find more chargers. (Part 2 of 3.)

By 12 March 2016