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Bryan Cranston to star in Philip K. Dick 'Electric Dreams' TV anthology

Each episode of the 10-part series will tell a standalone story, taken from the famed sci-fi author's body of work.

By 10 May 2016


A futuristic-looking electric bike that's comfy to ride

Take a close up look at the GoCycle G3, with its modern design and phone-controlled settings.

5 Images By 10 July 2016


Google buys 12 years of electricity from yet-to-be built wind farm

The Norwegian wind farm will supply renewable energy for Google's European data centres for 12 years.

By 30 June 2016


Our pick of the best electric bikes around

We've road-tested six of our favourite e-bikes to help you decide which one is right for your commute.

By 28 June 2016


Sweden opens 1.2 mile long electric highway for trucks

The highway will charge electric trucks using overhead wires and is finally open for trials.

By 24 June 2016

Editors' Take

Electric Slide In Range UPSE3024ST

Clad in lots of steel the Signature Slide In Electric Range boasts expensive looks and app-connected smarts.

By 20 January 2016

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This might explain why your electricity bill is so high

You're wasting electricity and money. Here's how save on both.

By 10 June 2016


Your emails: Why don't electric cars have geared transmissions?

Brian Cooley explains why EVs lack geared transmissions and how these automobiles deliver power and torque.

By 10 June 2016


​Solar Impulse journey delayed -- but this time don't blame the electric plane

An attempt at a record-setting sun-powered flight around the world hits a new snag. It's not as serious as the Hawaii battery problem, though.

By 24 May 2016