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Five Android apps that prolong your smartphone's battery life

This collection of apps will not only extend the life of your handset, but could also improve its overall performance.

By 26 September 2015

Editors' Take

Vivitar eek from Ricoh

Vivitar's Eek! might have a unique name and a bundle of features, but it's marred considerably by some below-average performance where it really counts.

By 9 September 2004

Typical price: $449.00


Eek! Remote-controlled cyborg cockroaches are real

Scientists with a high tolerance for creepy-crawlies have figured out how to create and control cyborg cockroaches.

By 11 September 2012


Better smartphone cameras are a'comin'

Imaging companies are hard at work to take smartphone cameras further.

By 4 February 2014


Crave giveaway: Penclic Bluetooth Mouse B2

This lightweight, swiveling pen-shaped mouse from Swedish design company Penclic promises precision and ergonomic comfort.

By 11 October 2013


RoboRoach: Control a live cyborg cockroach from your phone

In what they dub a marriage of behavioral neuroscience and neural engineering, the minds at Backyard Brains have mounted a Kickstarter project that lets you build your own cyborg out of a bug.

By 12 June 2013


Eek, a (bomb-sniffing) mouse!

System out of Israel employs smell-sensitive rodents to detect drugs or explosives in public venues like airports and malls. Don't worry: they won't crawl all over you.

By 30 March 2011


Google Now can run on twice as many iOS devices as Android

Google Now is available on 2.5 times as many Apple devices as Android devices after coming to iOS earlier this week.

By 2 May 2013


Scientists give rats brain-to-brain communication

Rats with electronically linked brains are able to communicate discoveries directly from one mind to another.

By 4 March 2013


Motor moth: Scientists build insect-driven robot

Moths don't have to pass driver's license tests to take the wheel of a robotic vehicle designed by researchers to gather data on moth-scent-tracking activities.

By 6 February 2013