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To fight world panic, Google doodles Douglas Adams

The author of "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and three episodes of "Dr. Who" would have been 61 years old today.

By 12 March 2013


Don't panic, it's just Douglas Adams' birthday Google doodle

The hoopy froods at Google have created an interactive tribute to the great man, who would have been 61 today.

By 11 March 2013


The site that likens Zuckerberg to Douglas Adams

I Write Like allows you to enter a piece of writing and discover whose writing it most closely resembles. It produces some surprising, amusing and, indeed, thought-provoking results.

By 20 July 2010


Astronaut reads 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' in space

The best way to celebrate the late author Douglas Adams and his beloved sci-if book "The Hitchhiker's Guide the Galaxy" just so happens to be while you're floating around a space station.

By 27 May 2015


Google working on voice-activated universal translator

Douglas Adams' Babel fish may not exist outside of the fictional universe, but Google is working on the next best thing: a real-time universal language translator.

By 17 September 2013


Thirty years of 'Hitchhiker's Guide'

Author Mark Vernon delves into some of the enduring themes and mysteries of Douglas Adams' cosmological saga.

By 9 March 2008


"Hitchhiker's Guide" catches final ride

An unfinished novel by science-fiction writer Douglas Adams will be published next year and released on the anniversary of his death.

By 20 November 2001