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Get ready to go psycho! Double Fine wants help making a Psychonauts sequel

Game creator Tim Schafer's team is finally developing a sequel to the cult classic psychodrama platformer, and yes, there's a crowdfunding campaign.

By 5 December 2015


Double Fine's Broken Age available tonight

Overnight, Double Fine's Kickstarter-funded Broken Age will become available to play for backers, with public release dates to be announced at the same time.

By 14 January 2014


Double Fine space sim up on Steam Early Access

Double Fine's space simulator Spacebase DF-9 is available now as a playable in-progress Alpha on Steam Early Access.

By 17 October 2013


Double Fine Adventure hits budget problems, delays

Tim Schafer's Kickstarter-funded Broken Age has hit further delays as the game has run over budget.

By 8 July 2013


Humble Bundle is all about Double Fine

Humble Bundle has launched the Humble Double Fine Bundle, a package of excellent games from Tim Schafer.

By 8 May 2013


The next Humble Bundle gets amnesia courtesy of Double Fine

Double Fine is embracing its role as social video-gaming champion, and giving the public the chance to vote on what games it makes next.

By 20 November 2012


Microsoft signs new Xbox developers

Six more video game designers have signed up to create games for Microsoft's new Xbox console, the company said Thursday. The companies join 18 other developers that will create Xbox games to be published under the Microsoft label. The new partners are Blitz Games, creator of the "Chicken Run" and "Frogger 2" games; Curly Monsters; Double Fine Productions, creator of LucasArts titles such as "Grim Fandango"; Radical Entertainment, known for "MTV Snowboarding" and "Jackie Chan Stuntmaster"; Yeti Interactive; and Vision Scape Interactive, creator of "Jet Moto" and "Twisted Metal" games.

By 9 March 2001