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ZTE Director (U.S. Cellular)

Although U.S. Cellular's ZTE Director is inexpensive under contract, the carrier offers better handsets at the same low price.

By 27 April 2013

3 stars Editors' rating 27 April 2013

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Apple uses FBI director's words against him in NY iPhone case

The company doesn't want to unlock an iPhone for the FBI in a case involving a confessed drug dealer in Brooklyn. It's part of an ongoing feud over how to balance public safety with digital privacy.

By 16 April 2016


Samsung's SmartThings snatches Amazon's director of engineering

After nearly five years at Amazon, Robert Parker has joined Samsung's smart home platform at a critical time as senior vice president of engineering.

By 26 April 2016


Final Fantasy was feared to be 'dying IP that had already peaked,' FF15 director says

"The gravest situation of all was that, at the time we were starting Final Fantasy XV, we didn't see an increase in new fans of the franchise."

By 14 April 2016


Uncharted 5 could happen with another developer, director says

Naughty Dog could hand the reins over to a new studio for the next game, but only if they "get the essence of it right."

By 7 April 2016


Shadow Complex dev talks sequel and working with Star Wars 7 director

Creative director Donald Mustard discusses the legacy of Shadow Complex and the series' future.

By 2 April 2016


15 new things we learned from Final Fantasy 15's director

As the game closes in its release date, we sit down with Hajime Tabata to get more juicy details on the latest Final Fantasy.

By 31 March 2016


Xbox One Cortana feature 'coming along great,' director says

Siri-like digital assistant is shaping up well, Xbox engineer lead says.

By 16 March 2016


Hackers sweet-talked their way into the CIA director's email account

The email breach shows that anyone is vulnerable to attack, security experts say.

By 21 October 2015


Fallout 4 director says open-world games becoming 'commonplace'

Fallout 4 director Todd Howard: "Gaming can put you in a place; it can pull off geography. And movies and books, they can't in that way."

By 22 February 2016