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Apple patent filing reveals digital wallet system

The patent application describes the backend for an e-wallet system that would let people securely pay for items on the go via their mobile phones.

By 17 January 2014


Android-based Bitcoin digital wallets vulnerable to theft

Weakness in a component that generates random numbers leaves Android-based digital wallets susceptible, Bitcoin developers warn.

By 12 August 2013


Apple envisions digital wallet with perks for watching ads

Outlined in a newly-published patent application, Apple's system would give people credits they can use to purchase real goods and services.

By 7 June 2013


Boost Mobile wants to be its customers' digital wallet

Boost has tested the service in three markets, and plans to roll out the service to the entire country by the end of the year.

By 22 May 2013


Apple to develop digital wallet in next year or two, says analyst

The iPhone maker may tap into NFC or a different technology to cook up a digital wallet for iOS users, says analyst Gene Munster.

By 6 April 2013


Visa chief: Fee on digital wallets seems 'appropriate'

The chief executive says credit card firms should be able to charge fees to companies that are operating digital wallet services.

By 22 March 2013


Study: People don't use or understand digital wallets

Digital wallets from Square, Visa, MasterCard, and others have a major perception problem, a study from ComScore finds.

By 5 February 2013


Visa officially launches its digital wallet V.me

According to the company, over 50 financial institutions have adopted the payment service, which will compete with Google Wallet, PayPal and other offerings from mobile carriers.

By 14 November 2012


PayPal brings digital wallet to merchants through Discover

Starting next year, merchants will be able to accept PayPal payments if they have an existing relationship with Discover's payment network.

By 22 August 2012


Geode is the digital wallet that replaces all your cards

A new digital wallet seeks to replace the collection of bank cards kept in your wallet — as well as any loyalty cards — with a combination of technologies.

By 27 June 2012