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Xbox One Digital TV Tuner

This USB tuner means Xbox One owners can watch TV via their console without switching TV input, and use voice controls too.

By 7 August 2014

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Western Digital TV Media Player

If you don't already own an Xbox 360, PS3, or Blu-ray player and you're serious about networked streaming, the WD TV Live is one of your best choices for getting content to your TV.

By 11 June 2010

3.5 stars Editors' rating 11 June 2010

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Xbox OneGuide and Digital TV Tuner finally headed for Australia

Microsoft is bringing the voice-controlled electronic TV program guide to Australian Xbox One users, along with the Digital TV Tuner hardware add-on.

By 28 January 2015


Sydneysiders reminded to retune digital TV

If you're in the greater Sydney area, today's the day to retune your digital TV.

By 18 March 2014


5G to replace digital TV in Ofcom plans as data doubles

4G has barely arrived in the UK, and plans are already underway for 5G as Ofcom reveals we use twice as much data as last year.

By 16 November 2012


Flash sale exclusively for CNET Members: Save 20% on Western Digital TV Live!

Don't you hate it when there's nothing on TV? With today's CNET Exclusive, boring channel surfing is a thing of the past.

By 17 May 2012


Freeview: how digital TV works

Digital television is well and truly here, with access to over a dozen channels and better quality sound and vision. All you need is a set-top box!

By 8 March 2011


Samsung Moment picked for Mobile Digital TV trials

Samsung and Sprint announce that Sprint will offer the Samsung Moment with a mobile digital TV chip in select markets during the first quarter of 2010.

By 7 January 2010


Digital TVs competing with PCs as media hubs

With features such as Internet and wireless connectivity, digital TVs are fighting PCs as the media centers for the home, according to a new In-Stat report.

By 20 October 2009


Eviant T7: Affordable, compact portable LCD digital TV

The Eviant T7 7-inch portable TV works well as a kitchen TV or for use on the road so long as you don't stray too far from a charging source for too long.

By 14 August 2009