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US Department of Transportation will require drone registration

A task force will develop a registration process for unmanned aircraft systems for consumer and commercial pilots for the holiday shopping season.

By 20 October 2015


​UberX drivers taken to court for "illegal" ride-sharing

The NSW Department of Transport is coming down hard on UberX, issuing a number of court attendance notices to drivers and upping the rhetoric by saying they're offering an "illegal" service.

By 19 January 2015


UK joins US in banning uncharged gadgets from some flights

The UK's Department for Transport says passengers on some journeys will have to prove their devices are powered up "or face not being allowed to bring the device onto the aircraft."

By 9 July 2014


U.K. to ban wearing Google Glass while driving, report says

Britain's Department for Transport issues a preemptive strike by suggesting that wearing Google's glasses behind the wheel will be against the law.

By 1 August 2013


UK government spends £2.7m on online road-safety game for kids

The Department of Transport spent over £2.7m creating and running an online game called Code of Everand designed to teach kids how to cross the road -- even though very few children ever played it.

By 15 January 2011


U.K. puts online voting to the test

In a trial being held this weekend, U.K. voters for the first time will cast their ballots online. Voters in Sopwell and Verulam, two electoral wards in St. Albans, are taking part in the experiment during local elections. They will be able to vote online over the weekend even though the actual local election won't be held until May 2. In an attempt to prevent malpractice, every Sopwell and Verulam voter has been issued a unique "voter identification number" and will enter a personal identification number when placing their vote. The trial is an attempt to test ways of voting electronically. Public participation in the electoral process is perceived to be declining, and advocates believe Internet voting could encourage more people to take part in the democratic process. The St. Alban's project is funded by the Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions, with the involvement of Oracle and British Telecommunications. ZDNet U.K.'s Graeme Wearden reported from London. To read the full story, visit ZDNet U.K.

By 27 April 2002