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Tech Time Machine: 20 March

Today is the birthday of the Australian who gave us the flight data recorder or, as it's more rather erroneously referred to as, the black box.

By 20 March 2012


Airbnb helps tenant win appeal in NY rental case

A New York agency decides in favor of a man who was fined $2,400 for renting his home out on Airbnb. The city now has to pay it all back to Nigel Warren.

By 28 September 2013


Netflix launches all 13 episodes of 'House of Cards'

The company's second original series is now out with all of its episodes available for streaming.

By 2 February 2013


Microsoft meeting yields hints of 'Rio' streaming service

Microsoft execs' pleas for silence and secrecy didn't stop attendees of the company's annual meeting from sharing tidbits about new products and technologies in the pipeline.

By 28 September 2013


Top boxer threatens Facebook over hate groups

WBA World light-welterweight champion Amir Khan says the social-networking company has failed to remove "racist" hate speech against him on the site.

By 11 September 2009


China's BYD struggles with electric-car efforts

The auto and battery maker's profit warning and ensuing stock drop have put a spotlight on the company's strategy and on Warren Buffett, who invested in the company in 2009.

By 24 August 2011


Billion-dollar babies: Far-out pet projects of the tech elite

From Ellison to Musk to Bezos, technology's richest can't seem to stay away from wacky desires to live forever, colonize other planets, and recreate the plot line of "Deep Impact," minus the apocalypse.

By 26 October 2013


Google, Xerox CEOs on Obama economic team

A 17-member economic advisory board for the president-elect includes Eric Schmidt, Warren Buffett, Paul Volcker, Larry Summers, and other notable figures.

By 8 November 2008


Selling the suckers on Google-Yahoo

Uncle Sam's piled up a lousy economic track record. And now Congress is being asked to remain mum on Google-Yahoo? Don't bet on it.

By 15 July 2008