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'Start-up Darwinism in action': Girt by CNET podcast 44

Uber's "disruptive" ride-sharing gets rubber-stamped in Canberra, the NBN shoots for the stars and Google gets a little over-excited and accidentally launches five new products.

By 2 October 2015


Darwin Awards study says men are far more idiotic than women

Scientists analyze the past 10 years of silly, avoidable deaths and find that almost 90 percent of the "protagonists" in these scenarios were male.

By 13 December 2014


Doctors use Grindr to send targeted public health messages

A public health campaign in Darwin saw Grindr users swiping across something a little different, as doctors spread the message about STI testing through social media.

By 26 February 2015


Charles Darwin gets thousands of votes in Georgia

There's a certain discernment to the voters of Georgia. They don't want some old politician all over again. Indeed, almost 4,000 voted for Charles Darwin. Yes, that Charles Darwin.

By 10 November 2012


Metro Trains PSA details dumb ways to die

The Darwin Awards meets The Gashlycrumb Tinies in an unexpected indie-pop public-service announcement from Victoria's Metro Trains.

By 19 November 2012


App of the Day: Extinction Squad

In Extinction Squad, you are working for muscle-bound explorer "Chuck" Darwin, travelling around the world to bounce falling endangered animals off a safety net into a truck.

By 7 June 2012


Mobile Darwin Awards: We celebrate the oddest ways to break a phone

We've all seen a broken screen or lost a phone to the turbulent waters of a toilet. But have you ever had one incinerated by lightning or swallowed by a dog? Welcome to the Mobile Darwin Awards.

By 5 November 2010


Darwin's private papers go digital

Project releases online over 90,000 online pages of Charles Darwin's photographs, sketches, and manuscripts, including the first draft of his theory of evolution.

By 17 April 2008


Aussie Tesla breaks electric car distance world record

A Tesla Roadster run in this year's Global Green Challenge between Darwin and Adelaide has smashed the record for the longest distance travelled by an electric car on a full charge, but it had to be driven at an excruciatingly slow pace.

By 28 October 2009


Darwin tries to evolve Wiimote technology

A new controller supposedly works with PCs and non-Wii consoles.

By 6 February 2008