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DARPA successfully tests 24-rotor VTOL aircraft

DARPA contractor Aurora Flight Sciences has achieved successful flight with its VTOL X-Plane for DARPA.

By 19 April 2016


Helicopter lands like an insect with DARPA's robotic landing gear

It's got legs and it knows how to use them. A new experiment by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency outfits an unmanned helicopter with legs that can land on uneven surfaces.

By 15 September 2015


DARPA seeks to treat bodies with light, electricity, sound and magnets

As part of its ElectRx program, which seeks to heal by treating the body like the electrical system it is, the government agency has awarded grants to seven teams.

By 10 October 2015


Advanced prosthetic named after Luke Skywalker will be available this year (Tomorrow Daily 388)

A DARPA-funded prosthetic finally makes it way to patients this year; also, a machine that creates hamster art (that also happens to be powered by live hamsters).

By 12 July 2016


DARPA wants to engineer fake bacteria to patrol the human gut

By building synthetic bacteria that can be taken in pill form, DARPA-funded researchers seek to keep our digestive systems in fighting form.

By 17 June 2015


Finding a reason for that wacky hamster machine (Tomorrow Daily 391 show notes)

We deep dive into advanced prosthetics, apartments in a box and living walls. Also, we welcome Neil Mendoza to the show to discuss his curious hamster machine.

By 16 July 2016


DARPA Robotics Challenge: Meet the contenders (pictures)

The two-day DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals event kicks off June 5. Here are the 24 robots competing in life-saving events for $2 million.

24 Images By 5 June 2015


DARPA guided bullet changes course mid-air to hit moving targets (Tomorrow Daily 169)

The EXACTO (short for Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordinance) program is tasked with developing a guided bullet for snipers in combat. DARPA just announced they're making progress, but we're a little freaked out by this futuristic firepower.

By 29 April 2015


DARPA just unveiled homing bullets (Tomorrow Daily 169)

Ashley and Khail try to figure out how to make DARPA's new bullets less terrifying, explain how Yahoo Labs is working on bringing biometric scanners to low-cost smartphones, and take a look at the kitchen of the future.

By 29 April 2015


Inside Project Ara, Google's Lego-like plan to disrupt the smartphone

Next year, Google will sell a smartphone that lets you swap in interchangeable parts to get new abilities.

By 23 May 2016