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Nikon D90 gets custom paint job

If any of you are savvy with soldering irons, understand electrical components well, and feel like painting your camera a bright shade of pink, this might be a good weekend project.

By 25 June 2010


Panasonic reveals Wi-Fi'd Lumix FX90 camera

The FX90 is a simple ultracompact that can use your smartphone to upload to Facebook and YouTube.

By 26 August 2011


Nikon D90

The much-rumored and even more longed-for update to the Nikon D80 has arrived. The Nikon D90 doesn't replace the popular D80, which moves down Nikon's dSLR product line, and unsurprisingly, provides some significant enhancements over that 2-year-old model. Most notably, the D90 is the first digital SLR to support movie capture.

11 October 2008


Photos: Nikon D90

A discussion of the design of the Nikon D90.

7 Images By 3 September 2008


Wednesday in the park with the Nikon D90

For a sub-$1,000 model, the D90 is a nice camera.

By 29 August 2008


Photo samples: Nikon D90

Sample images from the Nikon D90

11 Images By 28 August 2008


SanDisk card perfect for shiny, new Nikon D90

New SanDisk Extreme III Edition 30MB/s SDHC cards.

By 28 August 2008


Nikon D90 at long last: First dSLR to do video

A bump to 12 megapixels and faster shooting add to the camera's enhancements over the D80.

By 27 August 2008


Rumormongering: Nikon D90

The old rumor mill is at it again; this time with specs.

By 7 August 2008


iPhone stays No. 1 in Flickr popularity

Flickr highlights summer trends gleaned from its 7.2 billion uploaded photos, and the iPhone 4 is the most used camera -- again.

By 28 June 2012