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Nikon D3S

True night vision is a step closer with the Nikon D3S, a stunning professional dSLR on all accounts from still images to video.

By 11 January 2010

5 stars Editors' rating 11 January 2010

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11 Nikon D3S cameras, 7 lenses headed to space

The dSLRs will be brought to the International Space Station, where they will join a host of other Nikon products such as the D2X, lenses, and other Speedlight external flash units.

By 22 December 2009


Unboxing the Nikon D3S

Fancy dropping close to AU$7000 on a camera? Sure you do. That's the price of the very flashy, very quick Nikon D3S. We've unboxed it just for you.

12 Images By 8 December 2009


Trackside with the D3S at the Nikon SuperGP

The streets of Queensland's Gold Coast were transformed for four days in October for the Nikon SuperGP, with a host of cars being our test subjects for a range of Nikon digital SLRs including the D3S.

16 Images By 27 October 2009


Nikon D3S photos

The Nikon D3S builds on the D3 body with a new--but same resolution--sensor that supports sky-high sensitivity, 720p 24fps video capture and a bigger buffer for better burst shooting.

4 Images By 14 October 2009


Nikon D4

The Nikon D4 offers many significant improvements from previous professional-grade SLRs, such as the D3S, as well as excellent shooting performance, autofocusing speed and video recording. This is a serious pro tool designed for the likes of sports and editorial photographers, and its many usability tweaks will ensure that every shooting situation is catered for.

By 23 March 2012

5 stars Editors' rating 23 March 2012

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Ricoh announces Leica M mount for GXR series

Although it sounds like putting a Lomo lens on a D3s, you'll be able to use Leica lenses on a GXR.

By 6 August 2011


Adobe adds raw support for newer cameras

Customers of the Canon 7D, Nikon D3S, Pentax K-x, and Sony 850 now have official support for their cameras' raw image formats.

By 19 December 2009


Apple update supports new Canon, Nikon raw files

Macs now can comprehend the proprietary raw files from Nikon's D3000, D300S, D3S, and from Canon's ID Mark IV, 7D, and PowerShot G11.

By 18 December 2009


Lightroom 2.6 beta supports new compact cameras

Along with Canon's 7D and Nikon's D3s, and a number of high-end compact cameras move into the Adobe fold with betas of Lightroom 2.6 and related software.

By 19 November 2009