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Nikon D3S

True night vision is a step closer with the Nikon D3S, a stunning professional dSLR on all accounts from still images to video.

By 11 January 2010

5 stars Editors' rating 11 January 2010

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11 Nikon D3S cameras, 7 lenses headed to space

The dSLRs will be brought to the International Space Station, where they will join a host of other Nikon products such as the D2X, lenses, and other Speedlight external flash units.

By 22 December 2009


Unboxing the Nikon D3S

Fancy dropping close to AU$7000 on a camera? Sure you do. That's the price of the very flashy, very quick Nikon D3S. We've unboxed it just for you.

12 Images By 8 December 2009


Trackside with the D3S at the Nikon SuperGP

The streets of Queensland's Gold Coast were transformed for four days in October for the Nikon SuperGP, with a host of cars being our test subjects for a range of Nikon digital SLRs including the D3S.

16 Images By 27 October 2009


Nikon D3S photos

The Nikon D3S builds on the D3 body with a new--but same resolution--sensor that supports sky-high sensitivity, 720p 24fps video capture and a bigger buffer for better burst shooting.

4 Images By 14 October 2009


Listening to Bowers & Wilkins brand spanking new 800 Series Diamond speakers

The Audiophiliac checks out two new speakers from the radically revised Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond lineup.

By 13 September 2015


Check out this astronaut's-eye view of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is still spectacular when seen from the International Space Station.

By 17 April 2014


NightPod helps astronauts take low-light photos on the ISS

Grabbing a steady shot in the middle of the night is hard enough without a tripod when you're on Earth. How do the astronauts aboard the International Space Station manage?

By 7 February 2013


Stunning star trail photos from the International Space Station

NASA astronaut Don Pettit takes some amazing long-exposure photographs from space.

By 13 August 2012


Nikon D4

The Nikon D4 offers many significant improvements from previous professional-grade SLRs, such as the D3S, as well as excellent shooting performance, autofocusing speed and video recording. This is a serious pro tool designed for the likes of sports and editorial photographers, and its many usability tweaks will ensure that every shooting situation is catered for.

By 23 March 2012

5 stars Editors' rating 23 March 2012

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