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Here's why watching 3D movies is miserable

Commentary: As much as the movie studios would like the opposite to be true, 3D movies are handicapping the theatergoing experience and there's almost never a time you should pay extra for it.

By 31 May 2014


The world's most bleeding-edge tech for making 3D movies (pictures)

More and more movies are being made in 3D today. A leader in the field is 3ality, whose technology for creating simple and accurate 3D pictures is the industry's most advanced. CNET Road Trip 2012 checked it out.

15 Images By 28 June 2012


Why 3D movies are a waste of money

The technology behind the 3D visuals in "The Amazing Spider-Man" promises new advances, but studios have been hesitant to push the limits.

By 27 June 2012


Where to find 3D movies to watch at home

So you decided to spring for a 3D-capable HDTV. Now what? Here are four sources for 3D content, both streaming and Blu-ray.

By 19 April 2012


Best 3D movies and games

We look at the best Blu-ray discs and PC and PS3 games to show off the capabilities of your 3D television.

11 Images By 2 November 2011


How to make a 3D movie: tips and tricks

With 3D TVs making their way into more and more homes around the country, what does it take to make a good 3D film as opposed to one that makes you feel sick?

By 6 July 2011


The marriage of 3D audio and 3D movies

A New Jersey rocket scientist is exploring the frontiers of 3D sound technology.

By 1 May 2011


3D movies streaming to your phone over the mobile network? It's coming

Researchers at European boffin-factory Fraunhofer have announced a new video-coding technique capable of streaming 3D films to your mobile, albeit over yet-to-be-launched-here LTE networks.

By 12 February 2011


Can 3D movies and games damage your eyes, or those of your children?

With all of the discussion about the merits, or lack thereof, in 3D entertainment, we haven't yet stopped to ask if it's going to make your eyeballs explode. Let's rectify that.

By 3 February 2011


Vudu starts streaming 3D movies

The 3D service is set to go into effect in the next few weeks for people with the PlayStation 3, but it's available now on Samsung HDTVs and Blu-ray players.

By 6 January 2011