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North Korea denies involvement in Sony Pictures cyber attack

The Hollywood studio was attacked last month, with thousands of its internal documents and several complete movies leaked.

By 8 December 2014


Bigger than Heartbleed: CSIRO warns of cost of future cyber attacks

The CSIRO has warned that more internet security breaches on the scale of Heartbleed could lie in wait for Australia, and they could bring a billion-dollar bill.

By 6 May 2014


Chinese hackers blamed for ASIO cyber attack

A cyber attack originating from China is responsible for the theft of classified blueprints for the new ASIO headquarters in Canberra, Four Corners has reported.

By 28 May 2013


SEC staffers leave computers open to cyber attack, report says

The agency was forced to hire a third-party firm and pay it at least $200,000 to determine if any breaches occurred.

By 10 November 2012


Massive targeted cyber-attack in Middle East uncovered

Flame, which is designed to steal stored files and information about targeted systems, appears to be state-sponsored, Kaspersky Labs says.

By 29 May 2012


House hearing: U.S. now under cyber attack

Congress hears testimony warning of increasing cyber alliance between state and non-state actors targeting U.S. national interests

By 25 April 2012


Iran may have committed cyber-attack on BBC

As two satellite feeds into Iran were jammed, the news source also experiences a denial-of-service attack. The BBC's director-general believes the Iranian authorities are the culprit.

By 15 March 2012


FCC chairman calls on ISPs to help fight cyber attacks

Cyber security is a growing problem that threatens the U.S. economy, and FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski says broadband providers can help protect the public.

By 23 February 2012


Adidas shuts down sites after cyber attack

Some sites back up following discovery of attack, but others remain inaccessible.

By 8 November 2011


Chinese hackers breach US officials' Gmail in 'act of war' cyber-attack

Senior US government officials, having declared cyber-attacks an 'act of war', were left floundering after a recent Gmail phishing attempt that originated in China.

By 3 June 2011