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Twisted Sister's legal threats over coffee shop's URL

A tiny coffee shop In Kansas called Twisted Sisters has been served with legal papers by lawyers for the rock band of a similar name. Oh, yes, they're claiming trademark.

By 12 May 2013


Apple factory's Wall-E robots and suicide nets revealed

Apple's factories where iPads and iPhones are born have opened their doors to cameras for the first time.

By 22 February 2012


Jeff and Scott hop on the Molentary Express: Hands-on Professor Layton 2 for the Nintendo DS

CNET gets deep into the second game in Nintendo's puzzling top-hatted adventure series.

By 25 August 2009


Buzz Out Loud 779: Ok A moo

Here at Buzz Out Loud, we are shamelessly attempting to launch a meme, based on the awesome Twitter ramblings of a guy stoned off his gourd at the dentist. Quick, somebody make a Café Press shirt!

By 2 August 2008


Ancestry.com adds DNA genealogy to the mix...dare I peek?

Genealogy site announces plans to add DNA digging to its mix of ancestral-sleuthing tools.

By 19 June 2007