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Holy swimsuit Batman! It's Caped Crusader couture

Australian fashion house Black Milk adds a bit of the bat to its geek-inspired offerings for women.

By 6 February 2014


Microsoft's anti-Google crusade is working (says Microsoft)

Redmond claims its Scroogled campaign is having "a huge impact." Really?

By 16 October 2013


Surveillance concerns bring an end to crusading site Groklaw

A legally informed Web site critical of lawsuits from the SCO Group, Apple, Oracle, and patent trolls shuts down because its founder says e-mail can't be protected from government scrutiny.

By 20 August 2013


Google joins FIDO's crusade to replace passwords

In the face of rampant weak password selection, group aims to replace passwords for identity authentication when logging into Web sites and online accounts.

By 24 April 2013


Batman's budget: Being a caped crusader isn't cheap

Some economics students from Lehigh University crunched real-world numbers to calculate Bruce Wayne's fictional crime-fighting tab.

By 20 July 2012


Net neutrality crusaders slam Verizon, Google

Supporters of Net neutrality legislation and regulation lambasted Verizon and Google for leaving wireless networks out of a proposal for new Net neutrality rules.

By 10 August 2010


Gaming preview: 'World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade'

The Dark Portal is finally open again in 'Burning Crusade', the expansion to the truly massive MMORPG 'World of Warcraft'. Here's a glimpse of what lies beyond, in the demon-infested Outland.

22 May 2008


Geeks join crusade to kill grating vuvuzela

Lifehacker is offering a video primer on how to filter the din of those noisy horns during soccer broadcasts. Our ears are very thankful.

By 18 June 2010


Joe Weiss, crusader for critical infrastructure security (Q&A)

As the electrical and other critical infrastructure industries move to the smart grid and Internet technologies, control system expert Joe Weiss is the voice of caution.

By 10 May 2010