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'Spore Creature Creator' to see light of day in June

Electronic Arts plans to give gamers the summer to tinker with characters for Spore, ahead of the game's long-awaited September release.

By 25 April 2008


Spore spawns free creature-builder

Fans of Spore can now create unique creatures through a free Web-based game. With Spore Creature Creator 2-D, anyone can design an alien.

By 19 September 2009


Celebrities get their chance to make 'Spore' creatures

EA's latest bid to build anticipation for its evolution game, which launches Sunday, puts the Creature Creator in the hand of dozens of "creative celebrities."

By 3 September 2008


'Spore' set to mold the future of Web 2.0-enabled gaming

We take a look at the game's "creature creator," the first step in showing potential users what they'll be getting their hands on in just three months time.

By 12 June 2008


Two goldfish duke it out playing Street Fighter on Twitch

Forget Pokemon. Two battle-hardened goldfish are vying for bragging rights by taking each other on in Street Fighter.

By 24 August 2014


Buzz Out Loud 750: 7 deadly spams

On today's Buzz Out Loud, why "your stupid face" works to get you to install malicious software, why eBay just flat out isn't for small sellers anymore, and why you shouldn't trust your IT guy...or at least not one in three of them. Also, EA releases Creature Creator, people create porny creatures, and EA attempts to crack down. Something about this picture just doesn't add up. Like, how novelty-sized bosoms can even exist on the side of a cow.

By 21 June 2008


EA releases 'Spore' video

One of the most anticipated games in years, Electronic Arts' Spore is an evolution game by the creator of The Sims that tasks players with growing, step by step, from a small, spore-like creature all the way to galactic explorer. EA on Tuesday released a video showing the cell phase of the game, expected to launch in September.

21 May 2008


'The map comes alive': Nokia Here boss dreams of drones, self-driving cars

The future of Nokia's Here mapping service is smartwatches, self-driving cars, and drones -- but first there's the rather more pressing matter of Microsoft carving up the company.

By 26 February 2014


'Spore' gets cute and spacey add-ons

Just a month after the evolution game's release, Electronic Arts announces two expansion packs.

By 14 October 2008


Spore's crazy creature population: 100 million

The video game hatched by Sims creator Will Wright, who recently left publisher EA, now features far more types of organisms than there are species on Earth.

By 4 May 2009