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Crazy Pig

Crazy Pig might initially appeal to Nintendogs fans who wanted more bacon and fewer fleas, but its limitations soon become very clear.

By 29 February 2008

2.5 stars Editors' rating 29 February 2008

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Netflix will stream new UK exorcism comedy 'Crazy Face'

The upcoming show stars Cara Theobold of "Downton Abbey" fame, and will get its first airing on the UK's Channel 4, prior to a global online debut on Netflix.

By 10 May 2016


Amazon Kindle Oasis is crazy thin, and crazy expensive

You can get two (or three!) great Kindles for the price of Amazon's newest e-reader. As we ponder why anyone would spend $290 on one, learn how Google Calendar helps you find time for your goals.

By 14 April 2016


Watch the craziness that happens when a rare Pokemon appears in Central Park

Technically Incorrect: The game that's overtaken America overtakes New York's Central Park.

By 18 July 2016


Brooding 'Riverdale' looks like it could be crazy fun

Warner Bros. Television debuts the pilot for this updated, darker soap-opera-ish take on the classic Archie Comics characters.

By 22 July 2016


Bubba Watson's crazy jetpack golf cart takes clubs to new heights

Conquer the fairways in James Bond style with a golf cart crossed with a jetpack.

By 20 July 2016


Pokemon Go has a rough launch, but are we crazy about it? (CNET's Open_Tab)

Nintendo's newest mobile game is here, bringing the creatures of Pokemon into the real world. Jeff Bakalar, Joseph Kaminski and Ty Pendlebury hash out their first impressions with the title, and why people started calling the game Pokemon Stop in this excerpt from CNET's Open_Tab.

By 13 July 2016


Can you spot the cell phone in this crazy optical illusion? It's not easy

Where's my dang mobile phone? A challenging new optical illusion rings a bell with the internet.

By 12 July 2016


Saving sound in the streaming age, iOS 10's pros and cons and Pokemon Go's craziness (CNET's Open_Tab Ep. 6 show notes)

Join us live Fridays around 3:30 p.m. ET/12:30 p.m. PT on CNET's YouTube and Facebook pages to be a part of our next show with your questions and comments.

By 11 July 2016


Watch three crazy guys scale the Eiffel Tower

In a butt-puckering video, three Russian men climb Paris' Eiffel Tower and record it using POV and drone footage.

By 29 June 2016