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Counting Crows, '1492': Free MP3 of the Day

On new album "Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings," a rowdy arrangement from Pixies producer Gil Norton shows the Counting Crows appealing to indie kids. Download a free MP3 of "1492" courtesy of CNET Download Music.

By 27 March 2008


Sonos adds Amazon Cloud Player

Sonos announces support for Amazon's Cloud Player allowing users to upload their iTunes libraries to the cloud and play them back on their Sonos systems.

By 10 August 2012


The 404 Podcast 477: Where we get our CrunchPad out in time

If you've ever sat around with friends and mourned the death of the mixtape, you'll certainly appreciate the first half of today's episode of CNET's The 404 Podcast.

By 2 December 2009


An obituary for the major labels

The conventional wisdom at SXSW was that the major labels are technological idiots with no chance of survival--and nobody stepped forward to defend them.

By 24 March 2009


Execs see technology as economic equalizer

Intel's chairman Craig Barrett and Cisco CEO John Chambers see tech as the key to eliminating poverty throughout the world.

By 10 January 2009


Grammy winning record producer says CD quality isn't good enough

Producer T-Bone Burnett speaks out about the lack of sound quality on CDs and downloads, and a possible solution.

By 11 June 2008


The Filter's recommendations hew to the mainstream

I've been trying The Filter, which counts Peter Gabriel among its investors, for the last few days, but so far its recommendations seem tailored to people who don't listen to much music.

By 7 June 2008


Crave Talk: Apple, don't make me jump!

Apple's happy pipe has been relaxing over the last few weeks, but there's pressure building up down the line. It's Big White's 30th birthday on Saturday and something's liable to explode...

By 31 March 2006